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shipping solutions
to our clients

Expert navigators of the 
Canadian and Global
maritime trade

The global shipping industry generates revenues of a staggering USD 380 billion every year and 90 percent of global trade is transported on ships.

Kassim Tankers Brokers works on global projects as well as Canadian projects. For example, we have concluded well over 1,000 crude oil fixtures loading from:

  • Canada 

  • North Sea 

  • Mediterranean

  • West Africa

  • Caribbean

  • The Arabian Gulf

The Canadian maritime industry is extensive, diverse, and ever-evolving consisting of cabotage regulations, offshore crude oil services, icebreakers, oceanographic research services, and bulk shipments.

Kassim has comprehensive knowledge of the domestic Great Lakes shipping trading lane and is the leading shipbroker that has fixed the highest number of international bulk liquid shipments in this segment.

You can rest assured that we are the knowledge leaders in the Canadian market and can match vessel positions to your specific transportation requirements.